Messiah for the Animals (guitarriffchica) wrote,
Messiah for the Animals

I'm on TV!

My tv debut is hilarious! I can't believe I was dubbed. Wicked awesome.And my mouse lemurs are pretty damn adorable. At 4 minutes, my name on the screen, and "Biologist!!!" Then a whole interview about my lemurs! Anyone who knows me totally knows that that was my dream! Anyway, this is my 10 minutes of Italian fame:

On a similar note, when I go back to Madagascar in august I'm going to be doing a video podcast every 2 weeks and then uploading them for people to watch my jungle adventures (how i didnt have someone videotape me falling into 1.5 meters of rice paddy "waste" I'll never know. Or being attacked by a bushpig! Or the grasshopper and his 5 2 meter long tapeworms exploding into the puddle! that shit needs to be documented and shown to the world).

next august before going to madagascar I'm making a 10 day stop in Tanzania to climb MOUNT KILIMANJARO!! WOOT WOOT! Who wants to come with?! I'm dead serious. It's cheaper with a group and it apparently only takes like 6 days. Anyway I'm thinking of podcasting that too. But fret not dear friends my hideous face won't be in these podcasts. I learned from the Italians, when my face in on the tv screen children cry.

So yeah,
Malagasy Jungle Tales
And To the Top of Kilimanjaro (OBVIOUSLY with more creative titles but I can't be bothered with that right now)...will be fun.

does anyone even use livejournal anymore or is it all blogs now?

so long farewell, adieu
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