Messiah for the Animals (guitarriffchica) wrote,
Messiah for the Animals

i feel the rain down in AFRICA

This is so phat!

I'm not sure how, but i ended up staying here last night, 3 hours away from where i started off

The Palace of the Lost City in Sun City. Also I decided I'm sooo coming back here sometime. It would be so cool to have like a wedding here or something. There's freaking zebras and giraffes right outside but its still sooo luxurious. I think they have like helicopter rides to the top of a mountain as one of the breakfast options!

Jo-burg was fun, i met a starving artist Belgian named Harold who is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing artist....but he's belgian, so i can't exactly trust him. And I met a malaysian girl named Liyi, and she is awesome! So we've been traveling together. Went on a game drive and spotted ALL the african wildlife, minus the lion....but a cheetah running after a klipspringer!!!!! AMAZING! and the klipspringer family loved me!

Monkeys/baboons everywhere. whoa whoa whoa. They're stalking me. seriously. One walked onto the balcony of our AMAZING ROOM (like it has a jacuzzi and we got bathrobes and slippers)and tried to eat our pringles. It's so sad. I wish they were unexposed to humans. oh well. i cant do anything about it.

We went to a flea market and bargained like mad for some giraffe earrings (for my amylove!) and met a ton of real south africans. Then we had a braai (huge bbq) with the americans dutch and belgish.

I love it here. surprise surprise. I think i just love anywhere that isn't rochester. WILD WILDLIFE!!!!!! EEEEEEE! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found 10 Rands on the ground and put them in a slot machine and won R400! only like €40 but still. that made my day.

So this hotel is in the middle of an ancient volcano. so cool. Sun city is seriously disney world of wildlife.

and my conference is actually INSIDE of a game reserve!!! at one of the camps. awesome.

so i should be in jo-burg but because i dont ever plan anything somehow i ended up in pilanesburg eating grapes in a bathrobe watching monkeys.

wooo south africa!

presentation? what's that? oh yes. im so fired.

im going to the bridge of time now....i guess it shakes every 30 minutes or something. like indiana jones. so much for stickin it out in the wild with my sleeping bag.
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Sounds soo awesome!! Please, take me with you next time? I'll try to fit in your suitcase. Paaaweeeeettty please?