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Sifting through old journal entries all day today, and just generally living in the past...oh yes, all while watching bollywood film 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' which is awesome btw.I can't believe my friend convinced me to watch bollywood movies, but he did and I couldn't be more glad (unless he gave me a billion dollars, then I probably would be).

Nostalgia! It made me realize what a total fucking nutter I was/am? All the 40,000 posts about senor bellamy from muse were a bit disheartening. I mean..Muse WERE my life...for like at least 2 consecutive years. How sad. I don't even think I've given them a proper listen in at least an entire year.

I've been reading a lot lately (not scientific articles like I SHOULD be reading to finish that little pathetic hideous degree (phd) of mine. Nooo that would be beneficial, now why would I do that. Instead I've been reading y books the best of which I think were 'Your Inner Fish' and 'Out of Eden'. And of course I celebrated darwin day by making a cake in the shape of a booby (a blue footed booby that is...perverts!). I looooove science. But then I really start to wonder things, and in the darwinian tradition, I've decided to start to document these stupid questions I have so that one day while reminiscing I can look back and think either a)what a stupid question! b)what an effing loser c)what happened to all the muse entries d)what the fuck was i on about? e)internet? what is that? (while watching tv through my contact lens tvs

1)Do old women with grandkids get menopause around the time that their children get pregnant with the grandbabies? Because the evolution of menopause is fascinating. It only happens in social societies (some whales, some monkeys, humans) where it would actually benefit to have your mom show you how to care for your new infant, and if this has been the case for a long time, there should be some sort of trend towards reproductive senescence around the time of your kid's peak in reproductive success. Then again nowadays birth control effs everything up

2)Are humans capable of going into daily torpor? This would prove to be RIDICU-fucking-lously useful/fun. And I'm almost convinced I have before. :)

3)Is attraction related to immune function and genetic background? Genetically it would make sense for people to be attracted to people from 'opposite' (geographically) ethnicities, because well there are a certain number of receptors on immune cells in humans, and you get them from both your mom AND dad, so ideally to have genetically viable and 'fit' offspring you would be attracted to people with the opposite receptors (so your kids can be healthy and immune to more things) and well, someone from the other side of the planet is likely to be immune to different diseases than you hence different immune receptors. SOOOO is this what makes phermoney smells? Like are you attracted to people who would theoretically help you make the healthiest babies?

4)I'm bored with myself already but am in looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove with music as per usual

5)I recently met a dude named Magnus Tingsek and have been talking to him lately...brilliant brilliant dude. and very talented. Check him out, I love this song

6)Why am I numbering things? I have SOOOO much work to do

7) I'm COMING TO THE US again!! I'll be going to NY first for a few weeks, Chicago for a week, and Madison Wisconsin for two weeks. LET ME KNOW if you'll be anywhere nearby and we can hang out! woot.

8)My friend is writing a novel and I'm helping her with 'research' and it really makes me want to quit my job and write fiction! And she has the BEST idea for the book launch. Are things just easier in finland? because it is such a small country? I mean the book is in english...

9)I need some help deciding between a few final photos for my coffee table/madagascar photo book (see previous entry? something like that)

I love this one because it is a tadpole that is not completely a frog yet, but I'm not sure it is good enough or that people would care to look at it. Can you help me choose 4 photos from the following? I can't have too many frog idea how to embed photos into here, here are the links
It's a gecko that looks like a dead leaf...not just a random dead leaf :)
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