Messiah for the Animals (guitarriffchica) wrote,
Messiah for the Animals

my soul mate

It was sooooooooo good to meet up with him in the north of france last weekend

still smiley about it.

I'm hoping barcelona this week doesn't pale in comparison to france.
Hmm and I REALLY hope that Edinburgh doesn't suck in a few weeks!

I know madagascar wont let me down next month, but to be honest...north of france...with my walnut...INCREDIBLE. walnut and cashew were finally together. le sigh. it's just a shame that we will always be stuck in the roles of long distance friends.

im boooooored...cant wait to get into the field...with my hawaiian field assistant :) How I chose her out of all the applicants, I don't know. I just hope I made the right choice and she isn't like a psycho serial lemur killer in disguise.
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